The Firm

“We help companies achieve goals, their succes is also ours”

Carolina Verdés Pastor

B2B Legal Corporation has an extensive experience in legal and tax advisory, both national and international, a team of professionals that are committed to the firm and our clients.

This office continues as fundamental principles of action, specialization and team work, which allows us to provide our services in a good and consistent quality.

We provide high value to our customers.

An office with international projection

Academic training, postgraduate, specialization and a clear commitment to learn other languajes, has allowed to face professional projects of legal complexity and international scope.

We are commited with training and specialization.

Other basic principles that have mark the course of our actions when it comes to the cost of our work are clarity and transparency. We provide you with a budget at the beginning of each professional assignment and continuously inform our clients with periodic reports about the ongoing cases they have trusted us.

Committed to the client

One of our attitudes is the sense of responsibility at work that characterize  every B2B LEGAL CORPORATION professional. Our Intention is to transmit it to our clients as a part of the provided service.

Being professional is our oremise in any action for our clients.

A factor that characterizes us is, without a doubt, our efficiency.

We know that every professional Assignment requires a concise answer, clear and agile response in its development and management of the fees that accompany it.

Team of professionals,
guarantee of success

Carolina Verdés

Dpto. Tributary

Ángela Mira

Dpto. Accounting

Ana Martí

Dpto. Accounting

María de la O Lucena

Dpto. Procedural

Mariam Alejos

Dpto. Labor

Beatriz Ollero

Dpto. Labor

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